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Everyday Cashmere Scarf : Fresh Sage

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100% Cashmere

A basic but essential every day scarf to provide you with just the right amount of warmth, or
 to effortlessly add a stylish accent to your autumn/winter outfit. 

Compact for travel and perfect as an indoor scarf. 

Dimension: 160 x 25cm
Care: Hand wash cold or dry clean
Comes with free cashmere protector bag

Before washing, remove as much pills as possible using a sweater comb or electronic sweater pill remover. Every cashmere or woollen knitwear pills after wearing, this is not symptomatic of inferior quality, simply an inevitable consequence of loose fibre on the surface rubbed against each other and objects around them. Pills can be easily removed by using cashmere comb. Don’t worry there are plenty of fibre locked in the yarn to keep the garment staying soft. To reduce pilling, don’t wear your cashmere next to rough clothing, metal accessories and rough leather items such as crocodile or suede leather bags is a recipe for pilling.

Pour one capful of hair shampoo or mild detergent such as wool mix into a clean tub, be sure to use COLD water. Soak the cashmere for 5 minutes, then press and squish the soapy water through your cashmere. Just imagine you are giving your cashmere a gentle massage.


Ball up the cashmere, and squeeze excessive water gently, repeat with clean water until detergent is gone.


Lay your semi-wet cashmere onto a towel and roll it up. Press out as much water as you can. Lay your cashmere flat on your drying rack. NEVER never hang them. Keep the drying cashmere away from heat and sun. Remember, gravity and sun are top enemies of cashmere.


Iron press your cashmere with steam inside out on low heat to return the cashmere to its original shape. Tips: It is the best to avoid direct contact of the iron and the cashmere garment by covering the cashmere garment using a piece of clean cotton tea towel when pressing the garment.


Always clean your cashmere before storing them away. Moths are especially crazy about dirty natural fibres.

Fold all your clean cashmere and store them in a drawer. It’s always the best to store them with a natural moth repellent; Cedar balls, cedar chips, cedar cloves or sachets made with lavender oil are few of the natural moth repellent that you can use.

Care for your cashmere right, and they will love and care for you forever.

Everyday Cashmere Scarf : Fresh Sage
Everyday Cashmere Scarf : Fresh Sage Sale price$128.00 Regular price$160.00