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Crossbody Bag - Camel

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This bag is made for Central Stores in Italy.

100% cowhide leather piece-dyed

100% cotton lining

26-32cm width x 33cm height

Adjustable shoulder/crossbody strap width 4cm

internal zip pocket and leather pouch

magnetic front closure

Teodorano cloth bag and leather care kit 

handmade in Italy

The choice made by Marco Campomaggi in 1983 was a precise one: to create objects that last over time and tell a unique, personal story.

Campomaggi bags do not wear out over the course of a season. They are objects designed to be passed down, from mothers to daughters, acquiring value over the years.

A lifestyle that leads back to a return to basics, to dreams pursued with constancy and sacrifice, in search of a personal taste, to a luxury that is intimate and not ostentatious in which excellence, raw material and creativity intertwine to create authentic beauty.


About 10 kilometres outside Meldola, in the Forlì area, in Emilia Romagna, right in the heart of Italy, you will find the small town of Teodorano perched on a hill.

“Teodorano, the place where I was born, was a town where everyone made the things they needed by hand: doors, shelves, ladies’ shawls and obviously the passatelli and cappelletti pasta. Watching the hands of all the inhabitants work was an experience in creativity.”

Marco Campomaggi reflects this deep bond with his origins and the local area as a distinctive sign on each article. “Teodorano 25-02-1961”, his date and place of birth, zodiac sign and the drawing of the castle in Teodorano are the identity card of the designer and of each product.

Crossbody Bag - Camel
Crossbody Bag - Camel Sale price$595.00