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Durable, practical, fun and certified sustainable these stylish eco friendly living steps are definitely  not being hidden away in the hall cupboard anytime soon. Inspired by minimising clutter and creating a practical and handy homewares statement piece .                                                                The Steps by Jack Crick Wares (16 years in the making) combine so many home solutions the list is endless.                                                                                                       These durable hardwood steps are a handy outdoor tool to grab just a little extra height when needed. When not being used in this manner there is no need to hide them away as they make a great book shelf , plant holder , office chair and limitless other  interior ideas .

Step out and step up with these brilliant organic , sustainable , stylish allrounder..

Timber-Indonesian hardwood

Dimensions (cm): W 37 X H 60 X D 46

COLOUR: TABACCO* colour may vary slightly lighter than in these images

** Please note that the steps are not a toy, although durable and tested by Jack himself we would recommend use over 100k to proceed with caution and make sure weight is evenly distributed when using the steps. Not too far back or too far forwarding having the steps flush up against a wall for maximum support....Thank you 

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